Lesbian Couple with Baby

For Employees

Room to Think

Your employer deserves your best work. Your partner deserves your best self. Your aging loved ones deserve more of your attention. Your child deserves more than you can imagine.

You deserve to have our help crafting

your game plan.


Engagements Can Include:

Employer-sponsored Career Coaching for cohorts or individuals:

  • Cohort-based coaching can be offered by HR leaders across the enterprise-- or by individual managers looking for a fresh way to engage and develop their teams. The career coaching is designed in a structured three-session workshop format that leads participants to design a personal "annual plan" that integrates their career goals with a caregiving plan. Special focus is given to how the employee can broaden their personal "care infrastructure" to reduce stress and create room for more professional growth. 

  • A cohort can include all types of caregivers, or can be customized for specific employee groups that an employer wants to support--  for example solo parents, dual career couples, expectant and/or newly returning parents, family caregivers, or employees in the "Sandwich Generation" caring for both kids and an adult. An employer can sponsor multiple cohorts simultaneously so employees can self-select into the group that provides the best fit.

  • Many employers choose to supplement the cohort experience with a 1:1 coaching session for each participant to help them troubleshoot their plan and put it in action successfully.

Individual and Couples Career Coaching

Carving out a few well-designed hours to step back and design your work and life to be grounded in your values can be valuable at these key points in your career:

  1. Struggling to navigate the COVID-19 world as a working parent or family caregiver

  2. Preparing for or returning from family leave

  3. Working towards a promotion (or congrats you just got one!) and need to re-design how your work and family work together

  4. Considering resignation because your work and caregiving roles don’t seem to fit

  5. Planning to start your family or anticipating that you'll become a family caregiver

Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom, so that it is easier for individuals and couples to coordinate availability with your work and caregiving schedules. Consider it the ultimate “working lunch” or your “standing 2pm conference call.” Clients can self-pay or propose to their employer to cover the cost of career coaching.  Resources for proposing this to your manager or HR lead are available. 

Clients can choose among three plans:

1. Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan guides clients to look at their career goals and personal values, then actively design a plan where both partners can achieve their short-term and long-term career and family goals. This strategy is explicit about the support needed from their workplaces and personal communities, and personal accountability tactics for both partners. It results in practical tools customized to make their strategy a reality.  This plan includes three virtual meetings and one month of unlimited phone and email access. One or both partners can participate, as the Strategic Plan includes coordinated strategies for each partner in their work and their home lives.

2. Burning Issue Plan

Do you have your resignation email all drafted, but want to think it through one more time? Are you worried about how to juggle things during the COVID-19 context when layoffs are looming?  Did you or your partner just get a promotion or new job that will “blow up” the delicate balance you finally crafted as a dual career couple? Or did you just get a call from your sister that means you need to make time for your aging parents immediately?  The Burning Issue Plan tackles your most pressing issue in a real-time 90 minute planning session. I will help you overcome your biggest obstacles, and provide you with an action plan to keep you moving forward at both work and home. 

3. Membership Plan

After completing the Strategic Plan, you are eligible for my membership program. This gives clients unlimited email/phone access, as well as one 60 minute virtual coaching session every six months where we review goal progress, any changes for both partners at work and home, update your Strategic Plan for both partners, and get any questions answered.


We had recently moved my parents in with us and were still working out the nuances of a blended home that included the two of us, chronically ill parents, a teenager, toddler and now our new baby.

I was overwhelmed and struggling. Was now the moment when I was supposed to step away from my professional career? 

I made lists upon lists of scenarios with pros and cons, I updated my resume and applied for positions I knew weren’t a great fit but were close to home, I agonized to my friends and family, I crunched numbers… but I still didn’t seem to be any closer to a plan that made me feel confident and capable.

Heather was exactly the voice I needed when I hit this wall. She has this incredible ability to listen, ask the right questions, push you a little deeper and then synthesize and distill it into a plan that YOU design together. And after every call or email exchange I had with her I felt an inspired sense of calm and progress.

Together we developed a strategy, not just a short-term plan.

  1. I identified overall goals and values to serve as my anchors for decision making.

  2. I turned down a role that would have derailed the career I had spent two decades building, but would have solved my working/ commuting hours.

  3. I re-framed my current job with specific goals for this phase. It suddenly was no longer as appealing to quit simply because it felt overwhelming to manage it all.  Then I was able to design a plan to better fit my current work and family responsibilities together.

  4. I shifted the key question to "how can my partner and I design things together so we are both happy and successful at work and with our family?” instead of "how do I figure out how to be a good working mom?"  It was incredibly valuable to have tools that guided conversations with my partner. 

One of the most valuable aspects of the program were the practical support and tools that Heather provides. Every work session had actionable steps for me to take that kept me accountable to myself and moving forward at moments where I would have otherwise stalled out.

Director, Stafford House Inc.
Boss to 90, mom to 3, daughter to 2 live-in parents, and partner to 1 working dad