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For Employers

Expert Guidance

Creating workplaces where employees can thrive is core to your culture-- and to your bottom line.  Every organization can afford to make its benefits, policies and culture more caregiver-inclusive.

We’ll help you find your way.

Custom Engagements Can Include:

With Your Employees​​

  • Manager Training:  We expect managers to develop and retain their team members who are caring for children and/or adult loved ones-- while acheiving the aggressive business goals we set for them. Most employers overlook providing training and support for managers on this aspect of leading a team successfully. Since 80% of employees who quit report that they are leaving their manager, not their company, this training is key.

  • Employee Cohort-Based Coaching: A three-session series of career coaching designed to help your employees create a personal annual plan to design their career goals integrated with the care support they need to thrive at both work and home. Cohorts can be designed to meet targeted needs (e.g. solo parents, dual-career couples, Sandwich Generation employees, family caregivers)

  • Employee Signature Workshop: How Dual Career Couples Can Thrive at Work and Home  is designed to help you support employees working through the "new normal" while caregiving for their kids and aging loved ones

  • Development of a cross-ERG initiative to support parents and caregivers as a means to achieving your diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

With Your Senior Leaders

  • Benchmarking Best Practices and Custom Phased Action Plan: To help you grow into policies, benefits, and culture that support caregivers. Customized for the size, growth rate, industry. Highlights low and no-cost solutions, and free of vendor-aligned "sales" consulting. 

  • Targeted support to help you navigate the "new normal": How to increase benefits strategically; how to ensure your return-to-office plans and new fiscal year planning accounts for the loss of 50% of US childcare supply, reduction of senior care support and boom of Sandwich Generation caregivers on your team.

  • Executive Team Sessions: Custom topics to jumpstart awareness and conversation based on your own team's interests and sticking points.

  • Decision Support: Making the business case for recommended solutions, facilitating executive team to secure alignment, vetting and selecting solution providers in a crowded landscape of benefit offerings

Thanks for leading our senior team through these discussions to frame this important area of risk (and opportunity!) You facilitated thoughtful decisionmaking that honored many points of view. Now we're heading into the next few years with a plan that's grounded in our financial and operational realities. Most importantly, our leadership team is more aware of how broadly this affects our staff, and so are more willing to continue the conversation more publicly.

CEO, Education Industry

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