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The Employee Caregiver Program Series

Making the Crisis Text Line workplace more caregiver-inclusive

One in five U.S. workers are providing part-time care for an adult.  Over half don’t tell their supervisors about it, but all of them need support.  That's why Crisis Text Line has partnered with AARP and Workable Concept to bring you a series of live, virtual programs to help employees balance their work and caregiving.

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Navigating my Workplace as a Family Caregiver
March 29, 2023 at 3:00 EST

A whopping 44% of working family caregivers don't tell their supervisors about their caregiving responsibilities.  That doesn’t need to be you!     

Join us to talk about how to navigate your work and your relationships with your managers, peers, and loved ones so you can thrive in your career while balancing caregiving responsibilities. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan, so you’ll leave with your own personalized action plan to help you manage both the risks and opportunities of being a working family caregiver. 

Presentation available here as of program date.

Session recording [will be available here] once available.


Self-Care for Caregivers
June 8, 2023 at 3:00 EST

When we are caring for kids and/or adults in our lives, we often put our own wellbeing on the back burner.    

Join us for a conversation about how to take actions both big and small to enhance your own wellbeing—so you can protect your own financial, physical, social and mental health even as you care for your loved ones. You’ll leave with a suite of AARP resources and your own plan for steps you can take towards self-care. 

Presentation available here.  

Session recording [will be available here] when available

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Caring for Both Kids and Adults: The Sandwich Generation at Work
September 13, 2023 at 3:00 EST

Workers who are caring for both child(ren) and an adult are in the Sandwich Generation—feeling pressed from the needs of both generations.  Join us to learn how to anticipate and navigate this journey, and how to keep your professional life and relationships thriving while you honor your caregiving responsibilities.   

We’ll pay special attention to how the life stage of caregiving intersects with your career phase. Sandwich Generation workers can be just starting their career or planning to ramp towards retirement. They may be caring for a newborn and a grandparent, a teenager and a spouse, or a college student and a 90-year-old parent. Regardless of your own scenario, you’ll leave with ideas and resources to ease your stress.

Presentation available [hereas of program date.

Session recording [will be available here] when available

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Preparing to Become a Family Caregiver
November 2, 2023 at 2:00 EST

Most of us will need to care for an aging loved one or an ill partner during our career. Often, we don't have much notice.  Join us to learn how to prepare to take on a caregiving role for a parent, partner, friend or loved one.  

This session will help us plan for and navigate the role of caregiving. You’ll leave with AARP’s Prepare to Care suite of resources you can use together with your care recipient,  and plenty of ideas for creating broader communities of support so it doesn’t all rest on your shoulders. 

Presentation available [hereas of program date.

Session recording [will be available here] when available

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What's next?

Extend your program series with these topics-- or any program participant can create a new program series for their own team or group in your organization. Learn how here.

1. Preparing to Become a Family Caregiver

2. Preparing to Age at Home

3. Self-care for Family Caregivers

4. Financial Wellbeing for Family Caregivers

5. Caring for Kids & Adults: The Sandwich Generation

6. Navigating my Workplace as a Caregiver

7. Making the Most of My Benefits as a Caregiver

8. How to Make My Team Caregiver-Inclusive

9. Caregiving as a DEI Challenge and Opportunity

10. How Every ERG Can Support Family Caregivers

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