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Your Free ERG Caregiving Program Kit

A whopping 44% of working family caregivers don't tell their supervisors about their caregiving responsibilities. 

What's your plan for support them?

Got 15 minutes? You've got a virtual program!

Three simple steps to hosting a free event for your team, ERGs or colleagues.

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1. Sign up to host a Prepare to Care on-demand workshop

This free on-demand webinar helps employees anticipate their caregiving journey and find the resources they need. Unlike parents-to-be, many family caregivers don't see it coming and don't know how to prepare for the role.  

Sign up HERE to host it. You'll immediately receive an email with the link you can use to show the webinar. (You don't need to choose a specific time or date to register!) 


2. Send your invitation

Customize this message and post it to your Slack, MS Teams, and ERG groups to invite your colleagues:

"Join us on <date> at <time> EST for our next <ERG name> program!  We're hosting a virtual workshop to help us prepare to take on a caregiving role for a parent, partner or other adult loved one.

Whether it's next week or next year, most of us will have to care for an aging loved one or an ill partner during our career here. Often we don't have much notice. This workshop will provide tips, resources and ideas for communities of support to help us plan for and navigate caregiving. Sign up here <add an event registration link or provide the Zoom/MSTeams link you will use to host it.>"  

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3. Invite a special guest to join for Q&A (optional)

Invite an HR or DEI team member to join for the Q&A portion.  The webinar includes 5 top FAQs and answers. You can choose to pause it after each one for your own discussion, and if so it's a great time to bring in an HR or DEI team member.  Your benefits team would love the chance to raise awareness-- and use- of the support available. Here's an invitation you can use:

"Dear <HR/DEI leader>,
I'd like to invite you to join the <ERG name> for our upcoming Prepare to Care program. We are gathering our members for an AARP webinar about how to prepare to take on a family caregiving role.  The program includes 5 FAQs, and we'd love you to join us for conversation about each one. I am happy to share the webinar with you beforehand if you'd like a preview. Your participation would help us show our members that <organization name> is building a culture of inclusion for those caring for adult loved ones, just as we strive to do for parents. 

All the best, 

<your name>

Or you can invite a speaker from AARP to join you for Q&A by emailing

Prepare to Care resource site _edited.jpg

4. After the event, share resources with all who registered

Immediately after the event, share this message with everyone who registered:

"Thanks for joining <ERG name> today for our Prepare to Care workshop.  Be sure to explore the full set of free resources, videos and family workbooks from AARP  here. 

Then share them with your team. You never know who's about to become a caregiver, and your team members may already be caregivers without your knowing. Even just sharing resources can help build a culture of inclusion and build a sense of safety on your team.

All the best,

<Your ERG name here>"   

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