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Women at Microsoft | Better Together

Every year the Bay Area Women at Microsoft (W@M) employee resource group host an event during Women’s History Month that brings together women in support of career and personal growth. The event connects local women across Microsoft, its customers, and partners in an informal setting to network, ask personal questions, and learn from each other. Over 150 women and allies gathered online for the event to hear about empathy in action and caregiving as a strategic priority.

Moderated by Heather Ainsworth, CEO of Workable Concept, the closing discussion brought together a cross-disciplinary group of leaders, including Joyce Kim, Genesys CMO; Erica Schultz, President of Field Operations, Confluent; Amy Coleman, CVP of HR at Microsoft; and Paula Delaney, VP of Finance at VMware.

Collectively they addressed the key themes of empathy in action and caregiving as a strategic business priority. The panelists shared personal stories of transformation and vulnerability, along with practical advice for any functional area leader. The conversation goes way beyond HR to address how to use budgeting, performance appraisals, manager training, meeting cultures, and other levers to create a caregiver-inclusive workplace. The session starts at 38:10 here.

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