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PBWC Conference| Parenting, Caregiving & the Wage Gap

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Here's easy access to the breakout room conversation topics for the Parenting, Caregiving and Wage Gap session at PBWC's Ignite Change conference:

1. Lightning Round:

  • Share your name + how many of the three triple threats have you already encountered personally?

2. Personally, which of the three threats is most relevant to your own financial life?

  • What could your workplace do to better support you? What would it feel like to ask for that support?

3. As a leader and manager of others, what can you do to lessen these threats for other women in your organization?

  • Work with our ERGs to create an initiative to address caregiving

  • Ask our HR team to invite our 401k provider to host a workshop on financial planning for caregivers

  • Explore career coaching for myself or offer it to my team members who are caregivers/parents

  • Invite a group of managers to join a short training/speaker on how to support caregivers

  • Advocate for continued flexible work for all employees as we emerge from the pandemic

  • Ask our HR team if/how they plan to assess the gender wage gap for our company

4. What's one action you'll take in the next 10 days to address a Triple Threat issue for yourself or in your organization?

5. Does your group want to be Accountability Partners for each other? If so, share your contact info in the group chat and set a date to share your update in a group email. (Copy the chat to keep it handy!)

PBWC Breakout room questions_Triple Thre
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