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Intel ERGs' Caregiving Program Series

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Kudos to Intel's ERG leaders for collaborating to bring a 5 month caregiving program series to their members! After each program, you can find the presentations here. Each one is packed with links to the free resources from AARP to help you take action on the program topic.

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June 20: Prepare to Care for Working Family Caregivers.

We're hosting a virtual workshop to help us prepare to take on a caregiving role for a parent, partner or other adult loved one.

Whether it's next week or next year, most of us will have to care for an aging loved one or an ill partner during our career here. Often we don't have much notice. This workshop will provide tips, resources and ideas for communities of support to help us plan for and navigate caregiving.

AARP Prepare to Care for Working Family Caregivers_Intel 6.20.22
Download PDF • 1.34MB


July 19: Financial Well-being for Working Family Caregivers

Did you know that the average family caregiver spends over $8000 annually on care related expenses? Some groups, especially women of color, spend the highest percentage of their after-tax salary on care related expenses, even when wage gap issues may already compromise their path to financial health.

Join us how to anticipate the costs of caregiving, how to have productive conversations with your loved ones about how to pay for the care they need, where to find local and online resources to help. We’ll also share thought-provoking research on the long-term financial implications for caregivers who are considering pulling back or leaving the workforce due to their care responsibilities—and some ideas on how you can navigate those pressures to protect your own long-term financial health. Caring for your loved ones shouldn’t risk your own financial health.

AARP Financial Wellbeing for Working Family Caregivers_Intel
Download PDF • 3.19MB
AARP Financial Wellbeing for Working Family Caregivers_Handout
Download PDF • 653KB

AARP Financial Workbook for Family Caregivers-FILLABLE
Download PDF • 1.19MB


Aug 30: Self-Care for Working Family Caregivers

When we are caring for kids and/or adults in our lives, we often put our own well-being on the back burner.

Join us for conversation about how to take actions both big and small to enhance your own well-being—so you can protect your own financial, physical, social and mental health even as you care for your loved ones.

AARP Self-Care for Working Family Caregivers_Intel 8.30.22
Download PDF • 4.09MB


September 29: How to Navigate my Workplace as a Working Family Caregiver

A whopping 44% of working family caregivers don't tell their supervisors about their caregiving responsibilities. That doesn’t need to be you!

Join us to talk about how to navigate your work and your relationships with your managers, peers, and loved ones so you can thrive in your career while caring for those you love. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan, so you’ll leave with your own personalized action plan to help you manage both the risks and opportunities of being a working family caregiver.

AARP_How to Navigate Your Workplace as a Caregiver_Intel 9.29.2022
Download PDF • 4.43MB


October 25: Benefits Bootcamp: How Can I Make the Most of My Benefits as a Working Family Caregiver?

Most working family caregivers don’t have the time to navigate and use all of the benefits that can support them as family caregivers and parents.

Join us for a tactical look at all the benefits and policies we offer that can support you as a caregiver and/or parent. We’ll have a special guest from our HR team to share the details and field Q&A, and a guest speaker from AARP to share tips on how to make the most of your benefits to support your own well-being and that of those for whom you care.

Intel_Benefits Cheat Sheet for Caregivers_10.21.22
Download PDF • 200KB

AARP_How to Make the Most of my Benefits as a Caregiver_Intel 10.25.22
Download PPTX • 118.12MB

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