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PBWC | How Managers Can Support Caregivers through the Holidays (and Why It's Critical)

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Thanks PBWC for the opportunity to speak with your members today! To review, share and use all the live links we discussed in the webinar, here is the full presentation. As always, reach out to me at if you have any questions or need a thought partner to design your next step.


Program Description:

You may not realize that during the holidays, many employees will navigate a new realization that their aging parents or loved ones need more support in the new year. Families finally get together and see that their parent needs additional support to live at home, or needs to move to a new community, or that one parent is no longer able to provide the level of care the other needs. In fact, January 2nd is a peak day for online searches for finding senior care resources. On their first day back at work, employees' hearts and minds are still focused on how to get their loved ones the care they need.

Managers and HR leaders can take some simple, free steps to support their colleagues, making the experience a little easier. Just as our organizations honor and support new parents, we need to step up to honor and support new family caregivers, too. December and January are prime times when they need it, and we've got what you need to do it.

Join us to learn more about why the holidays are a peak time of stress for working family caregivers, and how you can help. You'll leave with practical, free resources that you can share with employees to help them anticipate and prepare for their new caregiving role, and free resources to share with managers to help them learn how to best support the caregivers on their teams. You'll even be able to sign up to host a Prepare to Care webinar for your employees (Hint: schedule it for Jan 2nd! to be right there for your team- right when they need you to be.) You'll also get ongoing access to the full suite of free resources for employers and employees from AARP Family Caregiving.

Slide deck:

PBWC AARP Webinar Dec 3_How Managers Sup
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