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Ellevate Executive Roundtable | Women's Financial Security

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

What a great session with Ellevate Network's executive members today. The layered impact of the "triple threat" to women's financial security hit home personally for many leaders who joined us. Lots of powerful ideas on how we can each take action. Some of my favorites:

  • To address the "triple threat" for my personal financial security:

    • Talk to my partner about seeing the cost of childcare as something we're *both* paying for, rather than "my salary just about covers the cost of childcare." Now the math looks more compelling to stay in the game-- in both the short and the long-term.

    • Talk to my parents (and in-laws) about their own caregiving plans and assumptions, and be willing to have the hard conversations about who will pay for it. The Prepare to Care resources from AARP make this much less overwhelming.

  • To address the "triple threat" for women in my organization:

    • Share the Forbes article with my HR leader to ask them if they're looking at how the gender wage gap layers with caregiving rates and loads for women of color.

    • Offer my own direct reports who are navigating parenting and family caregiving a career coaching session to help them create a personal plan to navigate work and care as we emerge from the pandemic.

    • Ask my HR team to bring our 401K vendor in to host a financial planning session for parents and caregivers. Fidelity, Vanguard, JPMorgan and many others already have this resource available, so use it!

Bookmark these sites to keep the full suite of free resources at your fingertips:

If you missed the session, here's what we covered:

Ellevate Executive Roundtable_Triple Thr
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