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Ellevate Executive Roundtable | How to Build Flexible Workplaces that Retain Talent

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Thanks to Ellevate for the opportunity to lead an Executive Roundtable today on how to build flexible workplaces that retain talent.

We talked about how stronger support for employees with caregiving responsibilities results in stronger financial performance AND retention, which are top of mind for almost every company right now.

We framed how to use powerful new levers to build caregiver-inclusive workplaces—including your annual planning and budgeting, manager training programs, and ERGs.

Everyone left with access to an easy Work and Family Month Program Kit to plan a celebration for Work and Family Month in October in just 15 minutes.

The slide deck is below and the full video recording is here. Enjoy!

Ellevate Executive Roundtable_How to Build Flexible Workplaces that Retain Talent
Download PDF • 826KB

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