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Ellevate Manager Roundtable | How to Be a Manager People Want to Work For

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

What a huge gathering for Ellevate Network's Manager Roundtable-- and such great discussions across all the breakout groups! Thanks to all who joined us.

We talked about why caregiving is a key opportunity area for managers who want to build high performing teams:

  1. Employees are already maneuvering towards/away from you based on your reputation as a manager of parents and caregivers

  2. All of your employees are less likely to leave your team if they perceive you as inclusive of parents and caregivers​​. (Yes, even those who don't have caregiving responsibilities right now.)

  3. The same supports that are most valuable for parents and caregivers ALSO support work-life integration for your entire team.​

We ended with 3 ways every manager can take action to ensure their team members can thrive professionally even while caring for kids, adults or both. Each has a link to the resource for you to use.

  1. A great way to signal your interest as a manager is to celebrate October’s Work and Family Month. We’ve got a program kit you can use to plan an event in 15 minutes flat. Really.

  2. Invest one lunch break in a free online training about how to lead with empathy as a manager of caregivers. ​(Heck, invite some other managers to do it with you so you build a community around it.)

  3. Sponsor a workshop for your team members who are parents/caregivers ​where they'll each design their own 2022 Personal Annual Plan ​to ensure they're set up to make your business plan a reality.

Here's the full deck for you with live links to all the resources we discussed.

AARP Ellevate Manager Roundtable_Sept 10 2021
Download PDF • 1.20MB

and access to the recorded session if you were a registered attendee.

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