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Signature Tool | The Benefits Tip Sheet for Parents and Caregivers

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

A powerful way to show you care is to help your employees make the most of their benefits so they can stay well—physically, mentally, financially, and socially—during COVID-19. That is why we created this template for you to customize and share with your employees, so they can use all the support you provide for them through benefits. We have sourced the best ideas on how to ensure you are supporting all of your employees, regardless of age, gender, employee type, family structure or caregiving scenario.  If you can, consider making a few changes to your policies and benefits to align with what is described here, so you can enable all employees to make the most of their benefits during this time.

While this is designed for use by HR Benefits teams, ANY employee can easily update this template to reflect your current benefits offerings and share it out with your own teams.

Benefits Tip Sheet Template for Caregive
Download • 64KB

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