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The PA Conference for Women | 10 Tips Before You Quit to Care for Your Family

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women: Learning Burst

If the pressure of trying to work while caring for your family through the pandemic is getting to you, you're not alone. Nearly 1M women left the workforce in September alone. Before you quit, check out these tips for how to talk with your boss and build workplace support for employees with caregiving responsibilities. You may find that you don't need to quit after all!

For access to resources highlighted in this video, check out

Does your organization need help finding affordable, practical ways to support working parents and caregivers during COVID-19 and beyond? Check out Workable Concept's employer advisory services.

Do you (or your employees) need to design a personal plan to navigate work and caregiving during COVID-19? Check out Workable Concept's career coaching and employee workshop How Dual Career Couples Can Thrive at Work and Home.

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