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The Employee Well-Being Benefit Designed for Caregivers

A whopping 73% of your employees are likely caring for their child and/or an aging loved one after work today. And 83% of Millennials would leave their current job for one with more family-friendly benefits.

What's your plan to support and retain them?

Give your employees access to a nationwide network of wellness centers and online resources that meet the unique needs of caregivers.

Make sure they take care of themselves,

not just their families.

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Financial Well-Being

1:1 financial coaching, webinars and online resources...because caregiving costs drive employees out of the workforce.

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Physical Well-Being

Access to fitness centers and classes, at-home fitness resources, nutritionists, and condition management for their own health issues...because caregivers tend to sacrifice their own health.

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Mental Well-Being

Stress management and meditation resources that caregivers can build into their daily routines

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Customized Caregiving Support

Custom content, communities and local resources from the most trusted names in parenting, senior care, and caring for loved ones with specific health issues...because caregivers need support from those who've been there.

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